The moon is red... Red like wine.


Another distant scream filtered through ZWEI’s ears, but Viola’s question had been enough to partially drown it out; it was just another person unable to be saved, left to die at the hands of Dumas’ men. He never could understand just why the hell the man hid behind false peace treaties and mistook human people for malfested. He had lost count of the times he had seen bodies littering the streets and Dumas’ insignia lying on some tattered flag. Dumas was feared and untouchable, but the people ZWEI had come across in his travels found it easier and much more plausible to shun him and EIN, two factors that were only trying to help? This was one of the reasons ZWEI stuck by himself and talked to no one.

This girl however…

“I can only wonder why Dumas wants you dead.” He said, the port coming into the distance and along with it a horde of people pushing and yelling for the ferrymen to let them board the ships out of here. There was nothing left in this town but fire and soon even the smell of smoke would be unable to cover the inevitable stench of rotting flesh.

The moment the ferrymen relented, the ships were open for people to board. ZWEI watched as they stampeded on, fearing there would be no room, women grasping onto their children for dear life as they wailed. The port overestimated the carnage; there had still been enough room for him and Viola to board. The lycan gestured for Viola to go ahead.

“It’s ZWEI.” he finished, continuing to gesture toward the entrance. When he looked over his shoulder he could see the glint of blades and the howling of Dumas’ men as they tore through the remains of the city.

“For a similar reason, I’m sure.” An ambiguous response… Though considering the situation, surely Z.W.E.I would be able to pick up the pieces and put them together. While she didn’t seem to be as much as a physical threat to Graf Dumas as he was, she didn’t seem very keen on talking about her state of affairs. Viola didn’t necessarily know his situation, though they were a lot alike in a way. Viola got that vibe from him. Regardless, first impressions were important, and thus far, he hadn’t shown any hostility towards her. If anything, it was faith and loyalty. She wasn’t necessarily sure why that was, or whatever reasoning he had behind helping her, though she was determined to find out, or at the very  least understand him a little more. Shifting towards her amid her thoughts, her scarlet eyes observed the desperate measures of the civilians boarding the ferry. With a light sigh, she turned towards Z.W.E.I and parted her lips to offer her own name.

…So. He was a gentleman after all. Stepping forward through the dwindling throngs of people, Viola boarded the ferry. Without hesitation thereafter, she breathed her own name in a flat, low tone as while brushed passed him, arms rising to fold under her chest. Now that they were closer to the water—as they were about to be quite literally right on it—the atmosphere was much chillier.

“Viola.” Pausing to look over her shoulder after she made her way onto the boat, Viola turned to see if her new companion was following behind. She assumed so of course, though crowds were easy to get lost in. His taller, unmistakable appearance was easier to pin-point amidst a sea of faces, though because of her own stature, it was much easier for Viola to be swept away. Staying near to the side of the boat as the city’s residents continued to shuffle in, she moved further away from the dock and leaned on the rail as she waited for Z.W.E.I to join her… Ah, what strange one though. It wasn’t often that she wasn’t able to decipher someone at first glance. Their mannerisms and the way they spoke were often enough for her to unravel everything about them. That man though? There was something off… Other than the fact that he was capable of summoning a phantom-like wolf to increase his own physical power. Perhaps that had something to do with it, though confronting him about it now would be too soon. She had to give it time, and Viola definitely had that if she continued traveling with him. Maybe, just maybe he’d be able to assist her. A little muscle definitely wouldn’t hurt with Dumas’ men roaming around.

(via kreuzgriff)


Well I’ll be damned,’ ZWEI thought as he looked from the now fallen soldier to the seemingly calm Viola, ‘I know how to find ‘em.’ If he listened hard enough, EIN sounded as if he was amused. There had been no time to protest Viola’s obviously needed assistance; he probably would have been stabbed and that would have been absolutely shitty, taking down several men only to be stabbed by just one in the end.

As fast the surprise appeared on his face, it vanished and he used one of the nearby flags that represented Dumas to clean off Kreuzgriff. No need to have anyone ask questions or add to those rumors that he was a monster. He quickly turned toward the direction of the port; this town was useless to them and survivors wouldn’t come out until stronger people extinguished the flames. Only then could they weep over everything lost.

“Fine.” he finally answered her, waiting for Viola to at least go ahead of him. He had seen everything, from the orb’s formation and to the way it collided with the other man with such force it left him dead on the ground. ZWEI had always encountered warriors with shields and swords, any weapon that would shed blood; though violent it was a sign of normalcy. Viola’s weapon seemed to be anything but normal and his stomach turned. ZWEI and abnormal went together, so much so that EIN was what hindered him from making attachments with people who were afraid of him or got too close. If he coupled that with the fact that he was the reason bodies were left through towns, it was easy to see that he was most definitely a loner.

Viola’s calmness should have been unnerving, quiet voice unsettling, and those seemingly empty scarlet eyes haunting…but they weren’t. They were a welcoming sight for ZWEI and they would be burned into his memory as such. Perhaps Viola could understand him at one point in time; if she hadn’t, then she must have been ignoring EIN’s presence completely.

“So, it looks like you’re being hunted by Dumas as well.” he noted finally once they had picked up and began to move quickly.

Now they could go? Good. There was nothing left here. If they remained, it would only cause further trouble for them both. Surely Graf Dumas would send more men to confirm that his targets were good and dead. Without being able to find them here let alone their bodies, then he’d be thrown off without a lead. With that, at least, they’d be given a bit of time. With his acceptance, Viola took a careful step forward as her hands dropped to her side, crystal ball seemingly disappearing as she had. The quicker they arrived at the port, the better.

As she moved, her heels clicked audibly against the cobblestone to disrupt the eerie silence… Well, vocal silence. The crackling flames of the burning buildings and frightened, distant screams was more than enough noise to unsettle the abnormally calm fortune teller. No less, her movements and footsteps were quick as she began towards the general direction of the port. Its exact location, she was unsure of. Though she was certain they’d be able to find it quite easily providing there were no obstacles or distractions to meander around.

That awkward silence, however, was eventually broken by the quickening of a heavier set of footsteps followed by a deeper voice. Blinking once, her eyes shifted towards him as he caught up with her pace, though they returned to the ruined street before her. Hunted? Almost an understatement, really, though by the looks of it, he was in a similar situation. It was strange, really… How little she knew about him, but already there were multiple similarities drawing her to him. It wasn’t necessarily trust, as she found it near impossible to put complete faith in an utter stranger, but perhaps curiosity. Yes, she’s call it that for now… Until she could learn more about him, that was.

“Unfortunately,” she breathed simply in a soft response. No explanation, no further conversation, nothing. She was not a woman of many words, as she often found them unnecessary. Actions spoke much louder, after all.

“Your name?” That was a good first step, however she didn’t offer hers in return. Not yet. It was a cautious maneuver on her behalf, and quite honestly, it was generally a gentleman’s job to offer his name first, wasn’t it? He proved he was as such thus far… That, or a courageous, self-proclaimed hero. Perhaps he was making up for something? She couldn’t tell. Not yet. She’d study him, so to say, when she had the time to do so. The bottom line was she was keen of being around him at the moment, and if he’d have her, then she would do so. If she hadn’t been pushed away as of yet, then she doubted that she would be in the near future. Eventually, perhaps, but not immediately.

As of now, however, they needed to focus on retreating.


“It doesn’t matter if we run,” ZWEI began, tugging away from Viola gently and turning around to look at the men who had gotten up and were preparing to attack again, “They’ll continue chasing us. They’ll leave this city to burn to the ground.” No one would come as relief, he never stayed long enough to see otherwise.  He looked over his shoulder at the hooded woman, right in her scarlet-colored eyes. ZWEI hadn’t seen anyone like her before; she seemed like one of those memories that would last. So many faces and people in his travels, but he didn’t talk about them, much less remember them. He only did and remembered what he chose to, and seldom empathized with others.

This woman hadn’t left him, which was new. Usually when one saved somebody on the run, the temporarily safe person would run off and never be seen again. Really, he didn’t usually go around saving people without reason; this woman was being chased and was definitely outnumbered, and ZWEI wasn’t going leave her to be slaughtered.

“Might as well put an end to them right now.” ZWEI finished, pointing Kreuzgriff toward the small horde of men. His eyes still hadn’t left the smaller woman as he continued speaking, “You should get out of here, the port is nearby. I’ll handle these guys.”

“Kill them both!” one of the men commanded and ZWEI rushed forward, striking two of them down, watching as the third ran toward him again, pole-axe drawn. With a growl, ZWEI kicked him back, and then EIN appeared to finish the job, letting loose a flurry of punches before disappearing again. Every second ZWEI was alone and struck with his short sword, EIN would appear a second later. He wouldn’t stop until they were all dead on the ground.

Unfortunately, there was still just one of him and a couple more of them. They were just a bit better than the last group of assassins that tried to attack him. That time, he let one live so they could go crawling back to Dumas with a message: ZWEI would not stop until Dumas stopped his purge of killing innocents. Considering that the followers of Dumas grew faster than those who rebelled against his cause, the lycan surmised that he would be on the run for just a bit longer.

When it seemed like the fighting ended, ZWEI let down his guard to take a breather, his eyes glaring at one of the corpses on the ground as EIN disappeared again. 

He wished that he would have noticed the soldier rushing through the flames toward him sooner, though.

Leave? Tempting. Incredibly so. She didn’t know this man, nor did she really care. After being treated so poorly in the past, Viola very rarely found anything or anyone to believe in. In fact, she didn’t want to. She was better on her own. She always was it seemed… But at the very least, this man did her a favour, and she needed to return it. Somehow. She never left a debt unpaid.

Besides, what good would the port be if the whole city was being burned to the ground? No. She’d stay.

Dumas’ soldiers, however, were put down rather quickly due to the strength ZWEI displayed, though Viola still hung back with mild interest. Her scarlet eyes watched as a lycan occasionally seemed to appear as if out of nowhere to follow up her saviour’s attacks. One by one the armoured soldiers fell, though it left the unnamed man panting for a bit of air. It was a little cruel, actually, how she stood back and merely observed, though she was in a mild state of confusion as her mind weighed the options available to her. She still had time to get up and leave, and surely her backup wouldn’t give him much reinforcement. Capable, yes, but not in the sense ZWEI was. She was more like deadweight of anything.

Perhaps she should have said and done something, though she hadn’t. Such a curious individual… Here he was fighting to defend someone he didn’t know and putting his life on the line to do so. He didn’t need to come help her, though he had. He could have been like everyone else and let her fall to their blades and rot in the all-encompassing hungry flames. But he hadn’t. The question was… Was he worth putting her own neck out in return? He certainly wasn’t considered normal by any means. Did he receive similar treatment that she was given? Bottom line, she couldn’t simply leave him behind. Not until she could make it up to him—but really, how could someone repay another for technically saving their life? By doing the same in return.

Scarlet eyes flickered towards yet another man in armour. Turning her attention back to the unexpectant ZWEI, Viola lifted her hands to summon a floating indigo orb. Pushing one of her hands forward, she sighed a low, simple comment to force her weapon forward in collision with the soldier aiming to take down her newly-named comrade.

“Go.” Stepping forth, she drew her hand towards herself as her fingers curled in towards her palm to draw her weapon back. “Come.” She nearly whispered as the orb followed her commands. As quickly as possible, she placed herself defensively at ZWEI’s back and took out the man via quick maneuvers and close combat. Just as the men at ZWEI’s feet, he too fell to his demise, though by the delicate hands of something much more feminine.

Angling her body in just the slightest, Viola lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at the male behind her. With a light sigh, she stared back at him expectantly and folded her arms beneath her chest before speaking. “Are we leaving now?” The city was already burning, and there was nothing he could do about it on his own—there was no point in staying behind. Maybe they would keep coming if they weren’t cut down, but that didn’t keep Dumas from trying to run them through. As a problem, it needed to be nipped in the bud, but until then, there was no point expending energy when it wasn’t required. Dealing with the menial issues, being his subservient recruits, would not end let alone help ZWEI’s case.

“My debt is repaid.” She mentioned softly before turning her eyes away and moving towards the general direction of the port.

But even then…This as payment? It didn’t feel like it was enough.

“Let’s go.”